STEVE YOUNG -- Sound Information & Stage Plot

Professional sound and lighting is required. Our needs are simple, and we try to be adaptable to your situation. Here is the specific sound information.

  • 1 vocal mike with boom
  • 1 XLR cable with Phantom Power that goes into one channel of the sound system for Steve's D.I. (direct box). If Phantom Power is not available, Steve can use D.I. with the battery.
  • 1 monitor for Steve to hear on stage
  • 1 small table (or something Steve can use as a table) on Steve's right as he faces audience

Plus: water, regular Coke, coffee or black tea on table

Note for Sound Person: Steve can use a microphone for guitar along with DI. You can try mixing the two, but Steve must always use DI for his pick up.
(If you use a guitar mic, Steve will also need a boom on that mic stand. Guitar mic stand should be on Steve's right as he faces audience. At most gigs, Steve does not use a guitar mic, only the pickup.)

Note to Venue: If you have any questions, please email Steve

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